We Are Complete Supply Chain Solution Company for All Commodities and Feed Stocks.
About Us

Silver Sickles Agroplast Pvt Ltd is a complete supply chain solutions company that brings value to the world’s leading producers of all commodities through the supply of best in class products and tailored business solutions. Silversickles markets the products from the world’s leading petrochemical producers and facilitates their participation in the global marketplace. We are an appealing combination of impressive industry experience and open-minded ambition, with the expectation that the company will expand in response to specific market needs. Reliability, capability and flexibility are embedded in our approach thanks to a deep understanding of the commodity business across the team.

  • Commodity Polymer

    Commodity plastics has a wide range of applications, including clothing, plastic containers and films, photographic and magnetic tape, and a variety of household products. The range of products manufactured using commodity polymers include Plates, Cups, Carrying Trays, Medical Trays, Containers, Seeding Trays Printed Material and other disposable items
      • HDPE
      • LLDPE
      • LDPE
      • PolyPropylene (PP)...
  • Engineering Polymer

    Engineering Polymers, armed with properties like high dimensional stability, good strength, heat and chemical resistant, are widely being used as a substitute for metal across industries. The Consumer Durables and White Goods/ Appliances market, automotive and transportation industry are the biggest end-use market of Engineering Plastics. Silver Sickle supplies a variety of Engineering Polymers at most competitive rates across the country:
    • Acrylonitrile...
  • Chemicals

    Chemical additives are increasingly gaining popularity in various industries. They encompass an array of materials that are added to polymer resins, paints and coatings, adhesives, and other substances to change specific processing or end-use properties. They include catalysts, wetting agents, levelers, clarifiers coupling agents, thinners, thickeners, anti-caking agents and other chemicals
    • Ammonium-Sulphate
    • Calcium Stearate
    • Ethyl Acetate
  • Petrochemicals

    Petrochemicals are used to manufacture thousands of different products that people use daily, including plastics, medicines, cosmetics, furniture, appliances, electronics, solar power panels, and wind turbines. A petrochemical is any chemical manufactured from crude oil and natural gas as distinct from fuels and other products (Speight, 2014, 2019a), derived from crude oil and natural gas, and used for a variety of commercial purposes. The definition has been broadened to include the whole range of organic chemicals.

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